I am taking slight liberties here, as the two following arrangements are not strictly by a member, but by Pat Nicholl’s younger sister, Mary, who is “Flower Lady” at our Catholic Clifton Cathedral in Bristol. This year the BBC chose the Cathedral from which to broadcast Christmas Midnight Mass The cathedral is an early 1970s quite stark design. Mary worked on her own for two weeks, then on the Monday, during the lorry stack at Dover, she was lucky to get the last flowers available from the wholesaler. The Cathedral and the flowers were were stunning …. and the Mass was good too. The arrangement most people liked was the one in front of the altar .. she used a lot of greenery and stems from her garden.

Lynne’s beams in the lounge. Done with artificial, as the beams are too high to water easily. Reindeers in the background, (plus a sign she hand-carved with her wedding day.)
Di’s guilt-free Christmas pudding – enjoy!


Olive’s lovely arrangement in the window of the Church of the Holy Cross, Mark for Advent.
Lynne’s advent pedestal by the vestry door in the Church of the Holy Cross, Mark.
Using conifer, ivy, rosemary, euonymus, pittosporum, artificial flowers and baubles.

A beautiful window display by Sally – perfect for cheering us up in this current cold/foggy snap.
She used seed heads Agapanthus, Alliums  & Poppies which was collected through the summer & sprayed them red & gold with ivy leaves to cover the base of the arrangements. 

Joy has used 3 stems of Lilies, her foliage is Eleagnus Limelight and Pittosporum Tobira. Also added to the design are 5 sliver stars and a string of battery lights. For the container Joy has used a wicker star sprayed white.

Another beautiful arrangement from Joy.